The LifeLift SOULution


What is the LifeLift SOULutions Experience?

A day-long, experiential seminar to become “unstuck” in which you:

  • Realize You are Much More than Your Life-long, Limiting “Self Talk” Story
  • Identify the Internal Experience You Want and The Limiting Experience You No Longer Want
  • Clarify and Control your life-limiting self-belief and related emotional pain
  • Experience BEING LOVE…unlimited, unselfish, unconditional…which overcomes limitations
  • Cancel Self-Created, Life-Limiting Contracts with Parents and Others
  • Understand Your Ego’s carefully crafted defenses which limit the experience of Being True Love
  • Wake Up, if you’d like, Naturally and Spontaneously, as a Conscious Joyful Expression of Source

Then, complete your homework:   What is the homework?   Go home and apply the tools you’ve gained to sustain your conscious awakening as The Presence.  Practice living in the world…  As Love… loving yourself and others in all aspects of your life. Document the outcomes in your life when your choices are made from pain vs. As Love.   Join your facilitator one month later–“live” or on-line– for a homework review session to reflect on and fine-tune your way of being awake and freedom to make new choices, As Awakened Love.

Seminars are the 2nd Saturday of Each Month at the ReCharge Conference Center
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9am – 5pm  Bring Your Own Lunch
Coffee, Tea, Water and Healthful Snacks Provided