The LifeLift Soulution

Reveal Yourself AS the SOURCE of LOVE!

Do you feel stuck or unable to fulfill your full potential? Do you find yourself in a cycle of repeated poor decisions you ought to have known better to avoid? Do you make the same relationship mistakes time and again? Are you tired of feeling twisted in a tangle of fears and limitations that prevent you from moving forward?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions then you are ready to UNTWIST!

Wake Up AS The Power Of Love
Live YOUR Divine Life Now
& Renew the World

The LifeLift Soulution Experience will show you how!

“Regardless of your faith path or perspective on divinity or the ultimate source of life itself, our LifeLift Experiences, publications, and advanced coaching will touch your heart and serve you well.” – Ted Anders, PHD

Dr. Ted Anders


By Dr. Ted Anders, Founder of The LoveLight Campaign

“Untwisted” is a conceptual “how-to” guiding you into the depths of how our LifeLift principles can transform your life.

From the Reference Page of “UNTWISTED”

“A book that can change your life”

“Any book that speaks about love as a pathway to personal freedom is definitely a book that can change your life, and that I want to suggest we all read. I hope you’ll take the opportunity to do so.”
—Neale Donald Walsch
International bestselling author of Conversations with God series


“Stands out for its directness, brevity, and loving direction”

Combining elements of A Course in Miracles, developmental/transpersonal/cognitive psychology, Buddhist mindfulness, and just a touch of physics, Untwisted seeks to take us through the mire of misbelief most humans accumulate in childhood so that we can reconnect with the spiritual/light/love core of our being…Untwisted stands out for its directness, brevity, and living direction toward a less stressful life that also contributes to a world which empowers, rather than enslaves.”
—Anna Jedrziewski
Retailing Insight Magazine

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Wake Up AS The Power Of Love and…

By Ted Anders, Ph.d

…ReCharge Your Whole Life in One Day!   There is no need to continue living our lives “stuck” or limited by self doubt, recurring unwanted emotions, negative self talk, and self-limiting choices. It turns out that virtually all of these blockages to our joy, health and abundance are the result of each of us believing something FALSE about ourselves and acting as though its true. What is the false belief each of carries deep within us (unconsciously, for the most part); regardless of our age, race, religion or social status?

We each came to believe –very early in life– that our parents’ pain is actually ours. How did this happen? Because we ARE Love, we chose voluntarily… without ever even considering the cost to our own joy… to control and manage their pain to increase love and safety in the family. As we began to experience their pain in our own emotional-psychological “system,” our brain made a logical conclusion:  “Since I am experiencing this pain, it must be mine.” As a result, we derived a summary belief about ourselves. And, for all of us, what we believe is true, we continue to create as our experience throughout life. In other words, our external experience must match our internal beliefs.

For example, if your underlying belief is, “I’m totally unworthy of love,” then you will experience a pattern of unfulfilled, often very painful, devastating losses of relationships with those whom you have diligently tried your best to love. Or, if your belief happens to be, “I am totally incapable of caring for myself,” then you will struggle economically or professionally until you wake up and realize this belief isn’t true at all. Living lost or stuck in the limitations we create unconsciously as a result of our false beliefs does not have to continue. Indeed, our society, planet and species can no longer tolerate the damage we do to one another when we make decisions as individuals and groups based on these painful false assumptions. Its time to wake up to who and what we really are:  unconditional, unlimited Love!

Dr. Anders has recently teamed up with the ReCharge Clinic in Ocala to bring his powerful work called, LifeLift SOULutions to our region. The work involves a one day seminar with two follow up 90 minute sessions. At the end of the one day seminar, virtually all participants report having a newfound freedom from their own ego defenses and limiting self talk, immediate access to a deep sense of soulful joy and peace, and a clear sense of their union with God/Source/Infinite Field of All Possibilities… however they choose to label the Ultimate. For those who are comfortable with Christian terminology, Dr. Anders will draw the parallel between dropping your false belief/defensive ego habits to Jesus’ simple teaching that we must “die to our self” in order to “be reborn.” In short, Christians ready to graduate from mere worship to a vital sibling-spiritual relationship with Jesus will also find the seminar quite enlivening. However, people of all faiths –or none– in several countries have achieved joyful, rewarding outcomes in the LifeLift SOUlutions Seminar.

To prepare for possible participation, or to do much of the “waking up AS Love” work on your own, you can read Dr. Anders’ new book, UNTWISTED:  How to Use the Power of Love to Straighten Out Your Life.

For an introduction to the book and the LifeLift experience, click here to read the testimony of Lady Michelle Mone, Baroness of Mayfair in The House of Lords and her Foreword to the book.

Those who would like to learn more and participate in an Ocala seminar can attend a “Coffee Talk” at ReCharge Clinic (second Thursday of each month… no charge… 5:00pm – 6:30pm) and then choose a Saturday seminar, or click here to select an event and register now! If you would like to speak to Dr. Anders regarding a private seminar, please click here to contact him directly.